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and want the best for them.

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Why does it seem that music for children is not actually made with them in mind?

I hear ya! I thought the same thing to myself. The music seems simplified and dumbed down just because it’s for kids. Kids are smart and deserve better music…and I could do something about it!

As a professional musician, I made a collection of children's songs to arrange and found nursery rhymes to composed new songs. They needed to be fun and smart, with a quality that sparks imagination and creativity. I did this by implementing various genres from classical to country, and rap to folk. 

This album has the following songs with a little tidbit about each one:

Little Boy Blue 

The traditional nurses rhyme text, with a new original melody in the style of big band, a la Andrews Sisters.

The Muffin Man

The classic song with additional material telling the story of the day in the life of the Muffin Man, with a folksy twist.

Old MacDonald Hoedown

Dance along to the traditional melody arranged in the old Americana style of orchestral music.

Lavender Blue 

The classic English song in a stirring pastoral arrangement. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Starlight 

A vibrant arrangement of the classic Twinkle Twinkle, with a new counter melody of the text of Starlight Star-bright. 

The Tortoise and the Hare

Inspired to tell the famous Aesop's fable using music which can be acted/danced to with the contrasting fast music of the Hare, and the slow music of the Tortoise. The child can move quickly with the fast music, and then slowly with the slow music. You can share the story and let the child's imagine soar as the music helps to narrate.

Frère Jacques

Enjoy this classic tune in both French and English, it’s as if you were in a jazzy French cafe.

Largo from Symphony No. 9 by Dvorak

I find classical to be a very important facet of our lives, history and culture. I want to introduce at least one classical piece on every album 

The Land of Mother Goose

Quite possibly the most epic track on this album. Let "the imagination play.." as the opening lyrics invite you to go on a journey through the land of Mother Goose, the track has 17 different sections featuring many favorites and new ones to discover: 

Let's Go on a Journey · Come to the Land of Mother Goose · Baa Baa Black Sheep · This Little Piggie · Hickory Dickory Dock · Hey Diddle Diddle · Diddle Diddle Dumpling · Jack and Jill · Jack be Nimble · Little Bo Peep · Little Miss Muffet · The Itsy Bitsy Spider · The King's Entrance ·  Old King Cole · Humpty Dumpty · Sing a Song of Sixpence · Come to the Land of Mother Goose Reprise. 

Have fun acting the sections out, singing along, or even playing dress up and becoming the many characters of this magical place. 

Who loves Topher Tunes?


This album is full of wonderful songs that the whole family can enjoy. What a fun twist on traditional nursery rhymes!!


A Great Children’s Album!

This album has a great collection of catchy melodies in lots of fun styles. The promise of “kids music that adults will also enjoy” is true: you catch yourself humming some of the tunes, and unlike a lot of kids music, you won’t be annoyed when you realize what you’re doing! The opening track “Little Boy Blue” is a particular favorite!


I highly recommend you check out this CD

Topher Tunes is a breath of fresh air! It uses a variety of music styles and original arrangements to bring new life to old nursery rhymes and songs. I often find myself humming the catchy melodies through out my day. If you are looking for children's music that won't drive you or the rest of your family crazy, I highly recommend you check out this cd!

G. K. G.

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